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Capital Cases


All death eligible cases are subject to case-budgeting. As soon as CJA counsel is assigned to a death eligible case, counsel should contact the Case-Budgeting Attorney for assistance in budgeting the case.

When budgeting a death eligible case, the regular paper CJA forms will not be used for the billing of attorney and associate hours. Special forms utilizing Excel spreadsheets will be used. These spreadsheets have been developed to help manage and monitor federal capital prosecution case budgets in the District of Connecticut. Please refer to the Federal Capital Attorney Training Manual for information on this process and instructions on how to complete the CJA 30 voucher and spreadsheets. For additional assistance in preparing the EXCEL spreadsheets, please contact Jerry Tritz.


Once the case budget (including travel) is approved, all requests for travel should submitted through the CJA eVoucher Program.  We will then issue a travel authorization, permitting travel at government rates. Travel arrangements should be made through National Travel Service, which is the court's travel agency. National Travel Service can be reached at 1-800-445-0668.



All inquiries and claims for payments regarding, Capital Cases CJA 30s and 31s, should be directed to:

Francesca Anastasio
CJA Audit Clerk: Capital Cases
Richard C. Lee United State Courthouse
141 Church Street
New Haven, Connecticut 06510
Direct: (203) 773-2407


All questions concerning case-budgeting should be directed to:

Jerry L. Tritz
Case-Budgeting Attorney
Main: (212) 857-8726.