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Fee Information


Admissions of Attorneys 225.00
Apostille (plus costs for certification & copies) 47.00
Appeal to U.S. District Judge from a Judgment in a Misdemeanor Conviction before a U.S. Magistrate Judge 38.00
Central Violations Bureau (CVB) Violation Notice
*Please Review Violation Notice for Actual Fee
25.00 or 30.00
Certificate of Good Standing 19.00
Certification of Documents (per document) 11.00
Civil Complaint/Notice of Removal Filing Fee 400.00
CJA in-court rate (per hour) Effective 1/1/2020      152.00
CJA out-of-court Rate (per hour) Effective 1/1/2020 152.00
Copies of Public CM/ECF Queries (per page from public terminal) .10
Court Copy Fee (per page per side) .50
Duplicate Certificate of Admission 19.00
Exemplification Fee 22.00
Foreign Judgment Registration 47.00
Juror Fee (per day) 50.00
Mileage Fee (per mile) Effective January 1, 2020 0.575
Miscellaneous Civil Case Filing Fee 47.00
Name Search (each name) no fee for first name 31.00
Notice of Appeal 505.00
Notice of Cross Appeal 505.00
PACER fee (per page/$3.00 max per doc) .10
Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus 5.00
Pro Hac Vice Admissions (per attorney) 200.00
Returned Check Fee 53.00
Tape Recorded Proceedings (per tape/CD) 31.00
Witness Fee (per day) 40.00


Retrieval of Records from Federal Records Center Through the Clerk's Office

SmartScan Fee 10.00
Fee to Pull and Re-File Records for SmartScan Request 9.90
Additional FRC Per Page Fee .65
Retrieving Records from Federal Records Center - First Box 64.00
Retrieving Records from Federal Records Center - Each Additional box 39.00







*SmartScan: As an alternative to viewing records at an FRC or having boxes of records shipped from an FRC to a court, a new service offered by NARA, known as "SmartScan," allows members of the public to request same-day electronic delivery of a limited number of scanned judiciary pages. These requests must be made through the Clerk's Office. SmartScan eliminates shipping costs, reduces clerk's office staff time required to receive, duplicate, and distribute relevant documents, and is ideal for small or urgent requests.