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Court Reporters and Transcripts

Recorded Proceedings

To place a transcript order for a court proceeding that was covered by an Electronic Court Recording Operator (ECRO) or recorded utilizing a court digital audio recording program (FTR or Courtsmart), complete the Transcript Order form (AO435) and email the form to:

Court Reporters

To place a transcript order for a proceeding with a court reporter, please contact the individual court reporter directly. To obtain the name of the court reporter, please query the case in PACER, or call the Clerk’s Office at any location:

Bridgeport: 203-579-5861
Hartford: 860-240-3200
New Haven: 203-773-2140
Court Reporter Reporter's Phone Number Reporter's email address
Cashman, Julia (203) 988-4047  
Catucci, Susan (917) 703-0761
Cayode Kyles, Alicia (413) 204-3219
Cianciullo, Melissa
Cullen, Catherine
Fidanza, Terri
Finkelstein, Thea (see Sharon Montini) (203) 865-8089
Gow, Tracy (203) 910-0323
Graziano, Lisa
Hovland, Denae
Huntington, Diana (860) 463-3180
Ireland, Heather (413) 427-0344
Lamoureux, Susan (860) 214-2057  
Marshall, Martha (860) 214-7929
Masse, Sharon
Monette, Julie (860) 212-6937
Montini, Sharon (203) 865-8089
Thomas, Corrine T. (203) 809-0848
Thompson, Corinna (860) 712-8345
Walker, Traci (770) 344-7653  
Warner, Darlene
Zayas, Cassie (203) 650-8836

Maximum Transcript Fee Rates for All Parties Per Page

Written transcripts are prepared within the Judicial Conference’s guidelines on page format, page rates, and delivery schedules. Maximum fee rates are available on the website at: