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Pro Bono Honor Roll

2023 Pro Bono Honor Roll

During the calendar year 2024, the following attorneys have accepted appointments to render pro bono legal services to unrepresented litigants in civil cases in this Court. These attorneys have devoted their time and expertise to ensuring access to justice to those who could otherwise not afford it. Their outstanding contributions are worthy of recognition and the Judges of the District of Connecticut thank them for their service.

Nate Baber
Kimberly A. Bosse
Trevor Loomis Bradley
Mark Paul Carey
Meagan Cauda
John W. Cerreta
Tadhg Dooley
Michael E. Driscoll
Dennis M. Durao
Kevin Greene
Jonathan D. Jacobson
Thomas S. Lambert
Bianca Lucia LoGiurato
Richard Marquette
Jonathan B. Orleans
Sarah Steinfeld
Thomas Tisdale
Keith T. Trumbo