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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I prove to my employer that I was on jury duty?

    On the day you report following the check-in process, the jury clerks will ask you if you need a certificate of attendance for your employer.  We will provide one for you if you do not have access to the internet or a printer.   However you are encouraged to print your own on e-Juror, by

    • Logging on to our website
    • Click on Jury Service
    • Then click on e-Juror
    • Enter your nine digit participant number
    • Enter the first three letter of your last name
    • Enter your date of birth
    • On the far left hand side click on Attendance Letter
    • Print


  • Are my attendance fees taxable?

    Yes, attendance fees are reportable and taxable.  Jurors paid $600 or more in attendance fees in one year will receive a 1099 Form from the court.  This form will be mailed prior to January 31 of the following year.  For additional information visit the Internal Revenue Service Website at


  • Why must I call the evening before I appear for jury duty?

    The court's schedule occasionally changes at the last minute.  Therefore, you must call the automated jury message system the evening before you are to report to the courthouse.  The message may tell you to report or tell you that you are rescheduled or your service is over.  If you report to the courthouse when you have been told not to report, you will not be paid or given credit for that day's attendance.

  • How will I know when to report?

    You will receive a summons giving you two reporting dates.  The information will reference your two month term.  The summons will tell you to call the toll-free automated jury message system after 5:30 the night before each reporting date.  When you call the automated jury message system at 1-866-388-2430, it will ask you to enter your 9-digit participant number shown on your summons.  The message will tell you whether or not you are scheduled to report for jury service.  If you are not scheduled to report, the message will tell you when your next report date is. 

  • What if I am a caretaker for a disabled person who receives a questionnaire or I receive a questionnaire for a relative who is now deceased?

    Return the juror qualification questionnaire on that person's behalf.  In the designated area for remarks, write;

    1. the nature of the person's disability;  or
    2. the date of his or her death; and
    3. your name and relationship to the individual
  • Why do you need my telephone number?

    The court uses an automated (AJIS) call system.  This is how we notify you of changes to your selection date or send a reminder for your upcoming jury selection date.

  • What if my address changed?

    Indicate your new permanent address on the juror qualification questionnaire or the bottom portion of the summons.  If you are filling out the information on [e-Juror] you may make the changes on line.  If your new residence is outside the state of Connecticut, you no longer qualify to be a juror in federal court in Connecticut. However, we must have your new address on file in order for you to be disqualified. 

  • Am I required to complete and return the juror qualification questionnaire?

    Yes, the law requires you to return the questionnaire either electronically [e-Juror] or by U.S. Mail.   Please contact the jury office if you lose your summons or questionnaire so the court can mail a new one to you.

  • Can I be excused from one of the dates if I am only available for one date?

    The court will make every effort to accommodate your schedule.  If you are unavailable for one of the dates, the jury clerk will work with you to reschedule your date within the two months rather than defer your service to another two month term.  Please provide the information by email or U.S. Mail. 

  • Can my jury service be postponed to another two months?

    If serving during the two months you are called would cause you undue hardship or extreme inconvenience, you can request to serve during a different two month term.   Your request must be made in writing by sending an email to the jury clerk at your division or by U.S. Mail.  Please explain the reason you are requesting the postponement in detail.  The court will consider each request on a case-by-case basis.