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Jury Info

You have been chosen for jury duty at the United States District Court.  Jury duty is an obligation placed on all United States citizens by the Jury Selection and Service Act of 1968, but it is also an opportunity to become a fundamental participant in this responsibility we all share as Americans.

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Unconscious Bias District of Connecticut Jury Plan
Called to Serve Inclement Weather Policy for Jurors
The People's Panel Court’s Focus on Jurors Saves Time, Money and Frustration
eJUROR Video  
Audio interviews with jury administrator and jurors who have served in federal court.  

Requests for Personal Information by Telephone: Identity Theft

Jurors should know that all requests by court staff for personal information will be made in writing and will never be requested by telephone. Nationally there have been several reported instances of persons posing as court employees requesting individuals divulge personal information under the guise that these individuals have been summoned for jury service. Newer scams have also included threats of arrest unless a fine is paid for any failure to show for jury duty.  If you should receive such a telephone call, do not disclose any personal information or pay any fine. Please click on the links and video below for more information.



                   - Jury Duty Phone Scam

      Anyone receiving a phone call of this nature should contact the FBI or the district U.S. Marshals Office.