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Unpaid Intern Resource Page

Internship Program & Requirements

United States District Court

Human Resources Department

Post Offer - Unpaid Intern Package


By completing this package, you are confirming you have been offered and have accepted an unpaid internship with the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut.

Please contact Human Resources with any questions at 203-773-2598.


NOTE: This package MUST be read, completed, dated, signed and/or witnessed in ALL appropriate areas.
On or before your start date,
please return all forms (including the checklist) in the order appearing below.


Please only submit forms you have completed, not instructions pages or entire policies.


Cover Sheet

Application for Employment [All pages]

I-9 Form [Attach clear copies of acceptable ID as listed on page 4]

Acknowledgement of Gratuitous Services and Waiver [Must have a witness sign and the Court Unit Executive which is the Judge ( for Chambers Staff) or Clerk's Office Designee (for Clerk's Office Staff)]

Oath - Form AO 78A [to be completed ONLY in the presence of the appointing Judge (for chambers staff) or Clerk's Office Designee (for Clerk's Office Staff) on or before your first day and submitted with the package upon completion. Judge or Clerk's Office Designee also completes sections A and B.]

Emergency Contact Form

Model Confidentiality Statement [return the signature page only]

Social Media Policy [return the signature page only]

Computer Use Policy [return the signature page only]

Code of Conduct Policy [return the signature page only]

Employee Dispute Resolution Policy [return the signature page only]

AO 213 Form